1. Provided support to Labour & HR Department  in establishment of 200 non formal schools for children of  brick kilns workers in Lahore and Kasur districts of  Punjab where more than 9000 children enrolled.
  2. Provided support to Literacy & non formal basic education department , Government of the Punjab in establishment of Literacy Centres in district Multan.
  3. Helped more than 7000 brick kilns workers in getting CNICs through NADRA
  4. Arranged health camps for the brick kilns workers in collaboration with ILO and Labour & HR Department.
  5. Introduction of Brick making technology .
  6. Supported Pak Swedish Teachers Association (PSTA) to established  non formal school where almost 29000 children are getting education.
  7. Helping workers and their children  to get enrolled in schools & Madrasa for education.
  8. Arranged free veterinary services for the animals of the Brick kilns workers with cooperation of Labour & HR and The BROOK.
  9. Brick kilns Owners Association has registered NGO named “RIGHT AID” to address key issues related with Brick Kiln Industry which includes;
  10. Providing Education to the Children of Brick Kilns workers through Non formal education system
  11. Provision of Health & Hygiene facilities to Brick Kiln workers
  12. Provision of CNICs to Brick Kiln workers
  13. Birth Registration of children Brick Kiln workers
  14. Working on Model Brick Kiln
  15. Provision of Mobile Health Unit facility to the Brick Kiln workers
  16. Provision of veterinary service to the animals of Brick Kiln workers
  17. Introduction of Brick making Technology.
  18. Providing the better Infrastructure for Brick Kiln workers for a better  life style and healthy environment.
  19. Research studies on different dimensions of Brick Kiln Industry
  20. Organizing stakeholders dialogue